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Casa das Pomegranates

Healing Treatments & Retreats in Portugal



Traditional Chinese
Medicine & The Bible

At Casa das Pomegranates, we provide healing treatments, and retreats, that are based on traditional Chinese medicine and

biblical principles.

Our goal is to help restore balance between the yin and yang

(negative and positive) forces in order to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We offer a variety of holistic treatments designed to improve your physical and mental health, increase your energy levels, and help you live a full and meaningful life.

My Holistic lifestyle goes back to Hawaii, where I lived for 18 months from 1991 to almost 1993, and it is where I began my life journey of been committed to health and wealth, it is where I had my first therapy...Socrates said "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom".


My education and training comes from United States, where I lived for 34 year. I reside in Portugal part of the year, and it is my delight to guide and help you feel more at peace.


Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

Why Choose Casa das Pomegranates?

Our Treatments Can Help With

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Stress and Anxiety

Our treatments are designed to help you manage stress and anxiety in a natural and holistic way, using traditional  Biblical & Chinese medicine techniques.

Chronic Pain

We offer treatments to address chronic pain and help you manage discomfort without relying on medications.


Media detoxification and word meditation can help you and improve your overall health and well being.

Young Adults

I provide specialized treatments to support young adult health, including menstrual issues, insecurities, digestive discomforts and fears.

Bed &

Our space provides and helps you achieve the rest, escape and gives you the tools designed for a healthy and sustainable way of living.

Healthy Brunches

We offer brunches to support your physical and mental health. Getting together is a big part of life, creating community and friends!

What people Say

“Thank you Luciane for your talented therapeutic hands! I truly mean it when I say that was best facial ever received. Everything you do you're very talented at, God has given you many gifts. Bernadette.”

— Bernadette

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Rua Dr Samuel Maia 47, Ilhavo, Portugal

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