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Casa das pomegranates - Holistic treatment

Bed & Breakfast

with a touch of Healing


Welcome to Casa das Pomegranates, located on the historic streets of a quaint little town in Central Portugal, within minutes to the beach. A region well known for it's Maritime stories, fishing, salt production and a famous Portuguese Porcelain factory.


Casa das Pomegranates is a Bed &  Breakfast that offers delicious vegetarian breakfast, macrobiotic foods, insightful conversations, and  dinner events on Fridays, called Sabbath.

Our space offers  a breath of fresh air in a fast changing world, with stunning fruit trees, flowers, and a vegetable garden as well as Holistic Treatments such as Feet Reflexology, Facial massage and  Christian coaching.

It is our intention to facilitate your renewal, recharge, healing and rest. We are so excited to share our home with you, offering, intimate brunches, Holistic Therapies, online coaching sessions and small events.

Casa das pomegranates rooms - bed and breakfast - Ilhavo, Portugal


Casa das Pomegranates offers unique and comfortable rooms, each with it's own charm.

our story
garden full of granates . Casa das pomegranates rooms - bed and breakfast - Ilhavo, Portugal


When my husband and I were looking for a place to call home, we each had our own image of the perfect house. I wanted fruit trees, he wanted a place close to the ocean. I wanted a place in the countryside, and he wanted a garage. I needed old, he wanted convenience. We compromised in an old charming Historic home in the middle of a Portugal village.


The house captured our hearts with its luscious fruit trees, flower garden and its proximity to the ocean. Thus, began the journey of Casa da Pomegranates. As a Holistic Therapist married to a man that believes in the power of God, we knew it was time for us to go beyond the ordinary Holistic Treatments.

While many Holistic Alternative Medicines are based on eastern gods or new-age spirituality, we connect to the God of Israel in a tangible and practical way.

We want to show those who come to our home that the old dusted Bible still provides answers on Wellness, Healing, Inner Growth and Blessings.​





Breakfast with ingredients, whenever possible from our vegetable garden. We serve Fruits, Salads with herbs, yogurt vegan or not, homemade baked breads and jams, Brazilian style Couscous, and more.

Gluten Free choices always available.

Free Wifi


We encourage you to disconnect, but WiFi is available.



On the book of Jeremiah 29:5 it says: “Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce" We offer Garden Therapy! I am always amazed, it feels we are working at it, but the garden is working on us. Let the garden, flowers and trees teach you about life. Book a Session

Ongoing Workshops


Proverbs 15:14 "The heart of him that hath understanding seek knowledge. We teach, because we received, someone took the time to help us grow, and now we passed it on. A teacher never stops learning.



Our goal is to facilitate the mind, body and soul to heal. We use coach sessions,  Facial Massage, Feet reflexology, Alternative Healing Sessions...

Picnic and Brunches


The highlight of our place is Shabbat Dinners on Fridays and Brunches on Sundays.

Please take the advantage of our sunset picnic basket which includes lots of healthy choices.





Why a coaching Session?

What makes working together key for your balance and joy?

"A wise man or woman is usually the oldest person in the village. They are knowledgeable in the old ways; they had learned from other great wise men and women. While rural villages still depend on them, larger cities lacks this tradition"

Sometimes, all we need is a wiser person coming along

us on our walk.


My job is to facilitate and help you:

  • Recognize where wrong beliefs are coming from.

  • Understand the importance to grief (grieving is not only related to a loss of a loved one, but we grief the loss of childhoods, or loss of a dream).

  • Make prayer an important part of the renewal mindset

  • Tools to experience clarity, confidence and consistency.

      40 euros 60 minutes


Holistic Alternative Medicine

The word Holistic comes from whole. Alternative Medicine seeks to treat body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to offer a space, where we share insight on healing the body, mind and Spirit.

Alternative Medicine can complement conventional medicine.

Prayer plays a huge role in our treatments, because we are a body with a spirit.



Feet Reflexology


Reflexology is a therapeutic method intended to normalize body functions. The treatment involves massaging the feet by applying appropriate pressure to specific areas of the feet according to the foot map (where organs and body parts are mapped).

The acupressure points, stimulates and balances the energy flux, causing the body to go into a state of relaxation and tension release. This treatment affects the body  providing physical and  emotional relief.

Benefits of feet reflexology includes the discomfort of migraines, insomnia, hormone imbalance, menstrual PMS, amenorrhea condition, menopausal symptoms, stress, body aches and more.

Pomegranate Facial

This facial treatment is specifically tailored to your skin needs. It includes a botanical facial mask that is designed based on  your age, skin type, and beauty concerns.

Thus, while the focus of each facial is the same to restore the youthful glow and beauty of your skin, no two facials will ever be the same. Using unique and organic bio products with key nutrients and vitamins, we address not only the outer skin but also the muscles beneath using  advanced face massage techniques, Facial Cupping, Ayurvedic acupressure, and lymphatic drainage, to help with energy flow to the face and body.

Shabbat Dinners & Renewal

Join us for our Shabbat get away. This is the most special treatment of it all. You check in Friday before 2pm, we gather at sundown to talk, have dinner and enjoy a day of rest Saturday including breakfast and a talk on different topics.

80 Euros meals/night sleep

Facial Massage


A hands-on anti-aging technique that provides lifting, toning, cleansing, and rejuvenation while inducing deep, regenerative relaxation. The face massage strokes are gentle yet, will effectively boost the skin’s immunity and accelerate collagen synthesis and revitalize refresh the skin. This massage helps minimize wrinkles, brings better circulation to stagnant facial areas as well as releases tension from the neck and head.


Garden - Casa das pomegranates rooms - bed and breakfast - Ilhavo, Portugal


“Thank you Luciane for your talented therapeutic hands! I truly mean it when I say that was best facial ever received. Everything you do you're very talented at, God has given you many gifts. Bernadette.”

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