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When my husband and I were looking for a place to call home, we each had our own image of the perfect house. I wanted fruit trees, he wanted a place close to the ocean.I wanted a place in the countryside, and he wanted a garage. I needed old, he wanted convenience. We compromised in an old charming Historic home in the middle of a Portugal village. The house captured our hearts with its luscious fruit trees and flower garden and its proximity to the ocean. Thus, began the journey of Casa da Pomegranates. As a Holistic Therapist married to a Godly man, we knew it was time for us to go beyond the ordinary Holistic Treatments.  While many Holistic Alternative Medicines are based on eastern gods or new-age spirituality, we connect to the God of Israel in a tangible and practical way.We want to show those who come to our home that the old dusted Bible still provides answers for our life's.

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​Evaristo and Luciane met in 2016, two different people, two different backgrounds, different likes and stories. One thing united them.The passion for God, the love for nature, beach and simplicity.

Luciane's holistic lifestyle goes back to Hawaii, where she lived for 18 months from 1991 to almost 1993, it is where she became committed to health, mind and spirit. Hawaii taught her to eat and love vegetables, to drink vegetable juices,  played lots of tennis, body surfed and laid on the beach, her favorite thing. Evaristo, started his journey to know himself in 2015...Socrates said  "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom".

Evaristo and Luciane are committed to impart their knowledge of Wellness, Spirituality, Psychological growth, Healthy food and Healing.​ Before pursuing a career in esthetics, Luciane was a restaurant owner for near twenty years in NYC. Evaristo worked as an  Inspector in the United States government, dealing with different people, different demands, pressures and political changes. ​They both divide themselves between United States and Portugal where they work. Luciane is licensed Esthetician in United States, an active member of the Associated Skin Care Professional, certified in Natural Face Lift Massage, from London, UK., certified on Dermaplane from the State of Delaware and certified on Feet Reflexology and Herbalism.

They have five grown up children.

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