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I could not help myself but say “welcome to NY” if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. Everyone that lives in NYC have gone through that. However, I could sense a deeper sorrow, the lack of a place to live was just another thing in her life. So, I asked her after a while – did you ask God to help you? she answered  “I think I got to the point that only He can help me but I wonder if I don’t have to do anything to earn His help? Don’t I have to be good?”

Aha! I got it.

I knew something other than the apartment was the issue here. The issue was the lack of self value that she is worthy of love, of blessings and of all the good that God has for her life. She needed to believe that she is not alone, that she can tap into the biggest source of love, power and grace.

I can’t buy God’s love neither can she or you. His love is free. It is Passover and this girl happens to be Jewish so it felt very appropriate to tell her and to remind myself as well because I am also half Jewish that God set the Hebrew’s free out of LOVE  for them and not because they did anything right or wrong. The law was given on Mount Sinai after the Hebrew people were already in the dessert free of slavery. The law was not given so that God could love us more, the law was given so that we could have some order and not act in a  barbaric way. The law was to help us and not to make us feel guilty,  rejected, not loved or appreciate by God.

I love my children unconditionally. I want the best for their life’s, I work hard to provide a good home and a good life for my three kids, the rules and the discipline we have at home has nothing to do with me loving them more or less. I love them and nothing can change that.

It is a lie from the pit of hell that we can achieve God, that we can “buy” God’s love by trying to be “good”. He made us, He love us with all our faults and mistakes. 

God bless,

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