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enemy within

If we don’t realize we have a enemy within the enemy outside can’t do us no harm. Eleanor Roosevelt once said that “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”. In a culture in which sports are worshiped one may learn a few lessons from the NFL. In order for a team to win the super bowl a series of factor must take place but most important they need a great coach.

The definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing expecting different results. In order for different results to take place in your life you must fire the coach. You are the coach of your life. How do you fire yourself?

You don’t. You simply recognize that whatever you have been doing didn’t produce the results you wanted. In this case fire yourself and hire a new you.  Make goals, change routines, take personal inventory of your life, read more self help books, do one push up a day, take a walk around the block, write a journal, stop complaining and start to read quotes of great man and woman, create new strategies in order to win the game of life.

It is only by confronting your enemy within that you shall conquer the enemy outside. The other day someone said to me that he is so successful in so many areas but didn’t succeeded in his love life. It is never too late, take an inventory of what you did in your previous relationship and do different in the new one. Make a personal goal to learn from past mistakes believing that the best is yet to come.

There is always another season another year for an NFL team to win a Superbowl and there is always another season for us to win in the game of life whatever your personal Superbowl may be. A new relationship, financial freedom, new job, career success, personal achievements…all is possible for those who believe.

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