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Devotional about NYC

I still remember the day I fell in love with NYC. I was flying back from Brazil to England with a stop over in NYC. (Those days that flight was the most inexpensive one).

As we were landing early morning, I looked through the tiny window and saw a fascinated city engulfed by rivers, oceans, buildings and sky risings. It was surreal. I made a mental note to come back and the rest is history. I lived more years in US than in Brazil.

I now live 40 to 60 min away from the city. Twice a week I have been taking classes in Brooklyn what is even further away from my home. The other day, I decided to treat myself to a nice moisturizer and to visit Rockefeller center just before my class. As I head to the subway at the Rockefeller center during rush hour, I stopped in one of the small cafes on the way to the station. I charged my phone for a few minutes and left.

When I got to Brooklyn, I noticed that my little bag with my nice moisturizer in it was gone. Really? Did I have to loose what I just bought? Wow I was disappointed.I looked up and said: Lord, I really wanted that moisturizer, I don’t understand why in the world I lost it but I trust that either is coming back to me or whoever finds it may need it more than me. My class was just about to start when I decided to call the cafe.

I was 99% sure that I was out my mind to call a cafe in Rockefeller center (one of the busiest areas in NY and ask if they found a small gift bag with a nice moisturizer in it). I used my 1%  faith to call and to my amazement the girl on the other side of the line said: Oh yes, the bag is here. What?

I will praise God for His faithfulness towards me but I will also praise New York for it’s great people, good food, amazing cafes, awesome parks, schools and so much more.

Sometimes all we need is to put into action 1% faith.

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