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Devotional about fear

I made a new resolution. A light bulb went on in my mind.

I talk to much…I write rater long posts and I am a woman…thank God. If I recall correctly woman are always accused of talking too much. That said, from now to the end of the year I will try to be short and sweet.

At times I get literally attacked by negative thoughts, that can last a few moments or a few days depending on many factors. It creates a weird uneasy feeling that one may call anxiety, a ruffled state either apparent or well hidden within my heart.

I grow up in the southern part of Brazil where cows are easy to spot on the pastures or the rolling hills of the outskirts of Porto Alegre.  I observed cows in the past, I am quite fond of them – They chew their cud. The idiomatic expression chewing one’s cud means meditating or pondering;

Psalm 1 tells us that blessed is he that delights on the word of God and meditates on it day and night. To meditate is to think, to ponder, to roll inside our minds. I decided to try and chew on the word of God.

This is the verse I am ruminating or meditating on

Psalm 56: 3,4 “Whenever I am afraid, I will trust in You. I praise God for what he has promised, in God I put my trust, I will not fear what does a mere man can do to me”.

I can only share what works for me; this verse helped me push back many fearful thoughts. I felt relieved and happier. Even if it is a simple fear of been late to an appointment or fears of been judged or disliked. I will continue to share the verses that works for me and may the blessings of God come upon on us as He promised.

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