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Devotional about “double guessing”

Why do we double guess our decisions?

On my previous post I wrote about how important goal settings are, and on my wish to meet my family in Europe.

It is not the time to spend money that I don’t have, was my answer to my cousin when he asked me to join them in London. In spite of what I answered, I went ahead and prayed. I asked God if He could make a way where it seems to be no way. Then, I got the idea to sell a small item that I had for many years.

I took my chances and placed the item in ebay. I didn’t get any bids, however someone contacted me and offered a much lower price than I had listed for. I hesitated, didn’t say yes and didn’t say no. I asked the guy to let me think about it.

He was persistent on his e mails. We even talked on the phone.  I was reluctant and vague in not making my mind. I couldn’t say yes to his price. The offer was decent. When I realized his offer covered my trip expenses, I wrote back. This time around, the other line of the e mail stayed silent. He vanished.

I questioned my decision several times, to the extended of wondering if I acted out of greediness. Inevitably, I felt that I had lost the only chance I had to sell it, undermining the opportunity to join my family and see my mom.

I placed the item for sale again and another person offered to buy it, at a lower price than the previous guy. I hesitated again, counter offered a little higher and reluctantly agreeing. In a strange change of events, the guy backed out on me without a clear explanation.

My trip was fading away sleeping out of my hands ever minute that passed. I questioned all my previous actions and double guessed my decision once more. I really felt like an idiot, but hey, I am not an idiot!

I was determined to not quit neither beat myself for the decisions I make, on that note, I place the item for sale one last time.

On this last attempt I got a bid. The second guy that had disappeared, mysteriously started to bid against the new buyer.  His bid brought the price higher than the he had originally offered. The war went on and the priced surpassed the offered of the first guy. In the end a much different person got the prize and the double guesser learned a huge lesson.

I am already planning to write a post seating on a cafe either in London or Dublin where my cousin leaves. By the way, guess where I will be spending my birthday? If this is not a gift from heaven, I don’t know what is.

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