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Always expect the unexpected

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Photo by Wendy Wei

I volunteered to lead a small group in church. I had a choice to do it online or in person, as long as, I followed my State guidelines for the health crisis we are in…

My initial expectation was to teach a class, but upon volunteering, I’ve learned the idea was to connect, come together, specially because in NJ/NYC church gatherings have been limited or non existent. They told me to pick a topic in which I was passionate, and had knowledge of, to “talk, not to teach”. The church guidelines was clear, the leader would talk no more than 30% of the time and the other 70% of the time would be for the group members.

I received instructions on how to deal with, if someone shared a need, or if someone talks too much, or even on how to set limits on my own talking. In other words, I had to learn how to be the leader of a group but not the teacher.

My original topic, fitness, was rejected, because I wasn’t qualified, (I thought I wasn’t supposed to teach) despite been super fit at the age of 54, a health food lover, understand the importance of moving the body (walk is fine) and a restaurant owner/chef for over 20 years.

I picked baking and praying. I figured, we would talk about our experiences with baking, and share each others prayers requests.

I was ready to be part of a community where I would talk 30% and be a listener 70% of the time. Guess what? Everybody showed up ready to listen, hungry to learn about bread baking. In fact, two members e mailed me saying they were looking forwards to learn from me. I was puzzled? I looked up and asked the Lord “what exactly is going on here?” I didn’t hear the Lord in an audible voice but I remembered two different verses “my ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts”. “I am the one that knows the plans I have for you”.

I picked the pieces and quickly started to talk not to teach the group on how to start a sourdough starter and I shared a super easy quick recipe to bake Challah bread. Did I use more than 30% of the time? did I talk or did I teach? Was I qualified?

We will meet until April, I will keep you posted on what I learn from it. Lesson #1 Always expect the unexpected and adapt to new situations. My ways, are not His ways but my ways can be His ways!

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