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Why Facial Massage

Face Massage


Face Massage is the most relaxing, slow breathing,  healing treatment a person can choose! While the focus of each facial is to restore the youthful glow and beauty of your skin, no two facials will ever be the same. Using unique and natural products, I address not only the outer skin but also the muscles beneath using  advanced face massage techniques, Facial Cupping, Ayurvedic acupressure, and lymphatic drainage, to help with energy flow to the face and body.


A hands-on anti-aging technique that provides lifting, toning, cleansing, and rejuvenation while inducing deep, regenerative relaxation. The face massage strokes are gentle yet, will effectively boost the skin’s immunity and accelerate collagen synthesis and revitalize refresh the skin.

This massage helps minimize wrinkles, brings better circulation to stagnant facial areas as well as

releases tension from the neck and head.


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